Gnomo Orzo is one of the passionate researchers of Spiritual Physics, as well as an instructor of courses. Spiritual Physics is a vast field of research that explains the creation of forms and of life from the point of view of the spiritual energies that pervade the universe. In Damanhur, research that leads us beyond ourselves is always a path that leads us to new discoveries within ourselves as well. Curious about his story, we interviewed Gnomo so he could tell us about the goals he has achieved during these years of study, and about how he has deepened his understanding of the laws in this parallel science.

Con te, Gnomo! How did your passion for Spiritual Physics first get started?

On January 22, 1980 it was my ninth birthday, and I was still firmly convinced that one day, I would be the captain of a spaceship. I did not have particular preferences; I would have enjoyed both Captain Harlock’s Arcadia as well as Captain Kirk’s Enterprise. What mattered was the destination: returning home to Antares. But alas, I was already beginning to doubt if I would succeed in this goal.

So, for some time I had been focusing on another goal, which was much more accessible and simple. It was a very particular book that I wanted. None of the people I had insistently asked seemed to want to satisfy my request, except my uncle, who came that day with the most beautiful gift I had ever received, if we exclude the spaceship of course.

I still remember it: yellow cover and black title in the sober style of a pocket-sized edition which was fitting for that book. I read it for months. I reread it, without understanding a single word. I read and reread those words, which seemed like indistinct ink blots thrown here and there, without making any sense. However, it did not matter to me, as it was marvelous to have Albert Einstein’s Theory of Restricted Relativity in my hands. Maybe it is “Restricted” because the book is so small? I thought to myself.

Many years later, I came to know Damanhur and Falco Tarassaco. He was the person who helped me to reconcile aspects of life that didn’t seem to have any connection, like spirit and matter, the sacred and the profane, the divinities and meringue cream. He brought modern Physics into the mystery traditions, and I believe he has given us the keys to making peace with our ancient history.

In the 1990s when he began to debate with us about what could hypothetically be the founding laws of our universe, he showed me how everything can be traced back to a single source and how nothing is separate. I decided to get into the matter seriously, and I asked him if I could teach what he had helped me to discover. I immediately regretted it because he kept me pinned there for two hours asking me really impossible questions. I left the encounter feeling destroyed and discouraged. He told me to try teaching anyway, but to keep on debating with other researchers and with him. After 25 years, I am very happy that I got myself into that mess.

Recently, your first book has been published, the result of research in the field of Spiritual Physics.

By writing How Many Holes Does a Ring Have?  throughout 2017, I constantly remembered the physical sensation, the scent of the paper, and some pages of that esoteric text, Einstein’s book, which was so fascinating and absolutely incomprehensible to me back then.

Well, in the last 20 years while teaching Damanhurian Spiritual Physics all over the world, I have become more and more aware that the science of today is not at all concerned if the universe is understandable to everyone. It is as if this awareness were the prerogative of the few, those who are constantly engaged in the search for complications rather than complexity.

I wrote this book because Falco Tarassaco taught and showed me that the universe is much simpler and closer to us than what we imagine. You do not need a spaceship to reach it; a mirror is enough. It is an awareness that has made it possible for me to see the world with completely different eyes.

Today, when observing myself, the others, a stone or a star, I can no longer imagine that these are separate things, and I can no longer believe that what I see with my eyes is objectively true. Fortunately, I have been living in Damanhur for 30 years, a place where certainties are like Lego blocks: small bricks that we constantly re-position to build new things. So, instead of going crazy, all this has made me happier.