Formica Coriandolo

At the age of 15 years old, pustules began to appear everywhere. I was diagnosed with psoriasis and within two months, my body was covered with scabs. I was an adolescent full of difficulties, and this only caused them to increase. I was hospitalized for intensive care without any results. After a few years, the doctors’ verdicts were unanimous: they told me that I could never heal. Those scabs all over my body would stay with me my entire life. It was not a certainty, but perhaps it would get better during menopause, about 35 years in the future.

I was 21 years old when I came to Damanhur. At the time, I covered every centimeter of my skin with clothing so it would not be visible. I began to receive pranatherapy from Falco Tarassaco, with very little hope of seeing any improvement.

Living in community, I was naked in all of my fragility, I was literally skinless, but I could finally share my existential anxiety with others without feeling like I had to defend myself from something.

With love, sweetness and determination, I began to discover myself, receiving help from others to not escape at the first difficulties. It was not easy to really look at myself. It was not easy to accept and appreciate myself, but if someone next to me was doing it too, if others showed me a mirror that reflects my richness and beauty, it all became easier.

The constancy with which Falco did healing sessions with me, every week, made an impact on my life. I discovered the value of not giving up, of building something every day, putting one brick on top of another in order to see a house growing, my house.

After three years, only a few patches of psoriasis were left on my body, and after four years, it had disappeared altogether.

After 10 years, there was a new episode. In a few weeks, I was full of small pustules that stayed there for about 9 to 10 months and then disappeared. When I saw them, I greeted them with new eyes. I asked them what they came to tell me. I listened to my discomfort. I patiently took care of it, every day a drop of attention, always helped by Falco who gave me water charged with prana to wash those little pustules every night. Falco told me not to forget, to have the courage to see myself and know how to change once again. It worked.

Now I’m 55 years old, and together with other Damanhurians, I teach in the School for Spiritual Healers .

When I meet students of all ages who come from all over the world, I see in their eyes the unmistakable light of those who want to transform their lives. A Healer is someone who knows how to renew themselves and bring renewal to others.

Perhaps illness, with its difficult but precious path, is the Grail that will succeed in saving us all.

Formica Coriandolo