Ancient cultures and spiritual traditions all over the world regard the monthly full moon as a sacred time to connect with the divine and the rhythms of the universe. In Damanhur this is no exception. As you may know, we have a full moon Oracle ritual that is held at the Open Temple amphitheater in Damjl. This ritual has been carried out uninterrupted every full moon since 1985.

The Way of the Oracle. One of the six Spiritual Ways of Damanhur’s School of Meditation, the Way of the Oracle is a large group of Damanhurian researchers who work together in smaller specialized groups to seek understanding and experiment in the realm of theurgic magic, alchemy, ritual practice, divination, ritual music and movement-based specializations of Sacred Dance and Metratura. All groups are present at the monthly Oracle ritual, some in a more visible role, such as the musicians, dancers, and the group of priestesses (called Pythies) who do the work of contacting the Oracle forces present at the ritual.

Answers from the Oracle. Toward the end of the Oracle, the Pythies share the message for Damanhur collectively channeled during the ritual. If you are curious what these mystic messages might sound like, you can find them here on the Damanhur Blog. Important personal questions may also be addressed to the Oracle forces, an opportunity available to Damanhurians as well as our friends and guests. The question is sent to the Oracle forces via the Pythies, and when the answer is ready, the querent is invited to attend the Oracle in person at Damanhur to ritually receive the answer on the stage of the amphitheater, in a process that not only gives verbal indications, it also moves synchronicity and events on the branches of time.

Synchronic messages. The Pythies and other members of the Way of the Oracle use many methods to read signs and receive messages during the ritual, from gazing into the flames of the sacred fire to watching the skies, the stars, the clouds and of course the moon. Those who attend the ritual may also receive intuitions, so it is recommended to bring a notebook and pen!

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