The wisdom of humanity is preserved in the myths that we as human beings have always told. These myths are alive now, just as they were in the past, because myth does not have time. Myth is today, not yesterday. We live in a fluid time where human passions and limitations cycle through, letting us dream of the great works that humanity can realize, and at the same time showing us the dangers that the confusion of the world can create. It is clear to everyone that environmental problems, uncontrolled immigration, the passive use of technology, and ideological wars could put humanity and our history with our back against the wall. At the same time, multiculturalism, the quality of life achieved in some areas of the planet, the strength of art and culture, the reawakening of so many spiritual initiatives… this indicates with equal clarity that this is an extraordinarily rich and promising age. In short, the Earth, this blue planet immersed in the light of its sun, has never been so full of life, but life has never been so fragile, due to our own actions.

So, each one of us is called to invest our best energies in the challenge to make it so that light, love and the future prevail.

What can give each one of us the strength to take on responsibility for sustaining change, the courage to fight against the shadows, and to do it right now?

The answer lies in the story that comes to us from myths. Myth is the realm of the purest values, ​​and it is a real, concrete realm that does not simply feed our imagination – it indicates a precise path for our behavior. Every myth is alive; it is preserved within us. Myth is the most complete narration of the characteristics of human beings – even when it speaks to us of Divinity and extraordinary forces! – and it is the most precise compass that we can use for indicating the direction to express the best sides of ourselves. The strength of myth is that of being outside of time, or better yet, riding time like a surfer on the most majestic wave that the ocean can offer. Today, Odysseus, Arjuna and Gilgamesh are as fascinating and engaging as three thousand, five thousand, or ten thousand years ago.

Myths are current, and they are alive within each man and woman, kind of like a soul DNA that, on the one hand brings every human being closer to all the others, and on the other hand gets everyone involved in the same history and the same spiritual root. Each one of us is an extension of a myth, and everyone of us gives myth life today. The values, the examples, the human, heroic and divine characters of myths can be our best companions, coming out from the adventures that were written for their peoples, the peoples who created them, and entering into our daily lives to inspire our actions. It is time to give a home and a history to ancient myths – which, as we have said, are not only ancient – in today’s world, in the actions of humanity in the twenty-first century. It is time to write new chapters and new books that tell about heroic deeds; we can be the heroes and heroines, with humility, commitment and humor. There is no reason not to do it. There is no reason to believe it is impossible.

The narrative of our times does not ask us to defeat monsters, part the seas, and discover immortality. It simply asks us to be active and coherent. That is, to encounter others, knowing how to welcome them in when they are similar to us and also when they are different. To respect the environment and love the forces that inhabit it, seeking contact with them. To know how to dream, to imagine the world we desire. To be at peace with ourselves in order to know how to be at peace with everyone. To leave a sign of our passage, which will facilitate the journey for those who will come after us. All this is gathering the energy of myth, using it like ink to write the myth of the times we live in. So, imagine that we are not only in a fluid time right now, but at the very beginning of time. Who would you like to have with you, to give you energy and to show you that we humans of this age, we can truly transform the world and make it wonderful? Which mythical figure would you like to reawaken within you, to have him or her as a traveling companion? Just think: seeking the company of that hero or heroine, someday someone will find yours as well.