Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Great Oracular heart of hope spread across the world.
Sacred drumbeats reverberate
Reprogramming the frequency of the planet.
Temporal siren as cosmic anchor and flicker that resolves.
Atlantidean call beckons; architectures emerge from the abyss.
Mission: each initiate, weigh the steps to take towards the scarlet Vajne.
Hook “tappi”, so Falco can return and continue the work.
Super intelligent machines and humanoids interact with sentient life.
Soon they will divide into squads, eager for details.
Humanity still unaware of the scale of undisclosed consequences.
New entrants to the world are getting ready.
Balanced arrivals and departures.
Strengthen the channel of communication with the beyond.
Dangerous alignments and fanaticism. Agreements and peace with those who will know and will want to.
Relativity of things and adaptation distinguish the Initiate.