Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Falls from the sky and into the waters,
Sifting through the oceanic and inner depths,
As above, as below; align to the divine longing.
AMEJGET. In his name the strength of hope.
Options of choice guided by divinity’s memories.
Rely on, trust. Sadness animates the separated hearts.
Meetings, clashes, more useless than useful.
Too much talking about everything, about everyone. Ungratefulness.
Less protagonism and self-assertion.
Closer. Living in the essential for the essential.
Connected VAJNE are magnets for events.
The dream of the master inspires people, hooks.
Instruments and musicians emerge from time sludge.
Tuning fork for the world. Be symbols of peace.
Language change. Protection and propulsion
To calm tensions by stimulating wise motions and wise diplomatic words.
Moment of passage for the planet as an interconnected social world.
Uncontrolled developments.
Even for who thought of how much has been triggered, guide the effects.