Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Unequivocal direction of the Popolo:
use all energy and time towards the future.
Rediscovered moments of eternity. Peaceful exchanges and consolidation.
Exercises of kindness, be motherly with everyone. Smile with your lips and heart.
The enemy is using predictability and tiredness together with temptations of the ego.
Hidden plots to bring planes together; defense.
Create imaginative situations, like theatre, to conceal.
Floods deracinate the banks. Atmosphere cloak future dangers.
Possible additions of new elements to the table of elements,
Contact points of plastic silica and human organic tissue
create new divine species. The Triad acts with non-human logic.
The ear is open, communication.
Entering the divine using ritual thought.
Frequency of sound and of dream. In chanting solutions, enchantments.