Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Equinox of blood. Heal the wounds of winter.
Whisper words of power and meekness.
Corroborate peace. Build it.
Natural and human disasters and devastation.
Tongues of fire. Rage, devastate without purification.
Have not learned. At the helm, warmongering colors to exile.
Stronger deflagration looms.
Let the irreducible be dampened, and the weak invigorated.
Fearsome is the attack.
Be useful to those stricken and fleeing.
Decisive is the concentrated thought, condenses forms of strength,
If action is not delayed. Make spirals and raise prayers and songs to heaven.
Let the synchronic lines absorb the heartfelt song.
You not aggressive. The mirror reflects the world.
The image returns in an endless game.
The rhythm of the flood every age faces.
A new caravel to prepare for humankind.
There is always a place in the heart, give.
In the bombed skies the birds return to chirping.
Land, autarky. Fewer words and more hugs.
Cut what is not needed. More realistic life.
Use the time period to live.
Kether, new lighter process, of love, less rigour.
Simplicity. Temple is the place where divine force is expressed.
Vision of beyond invites rethinking.
Listen to the forces.
Do not waste possibilities reopened after millennia.