Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

The Triad is listening; hearts, listen to yourselves, in endeavours get emotional.
Destinies that are overturned and refound. Footprints exist of future traces.
Console yourselves if afflicted. Bold and magnanimous. Find yourselves again in spirit, brothers and sisters, heal the wounds.
Every action performed is a gift to the mission. In silence, bless who crosses your path.
Wearers of a robe, existing yet invisible, if you use it.
Rejoice in the stars of the solar, lunar, and from the underworld triad. To be in the goodness is the destiny of the Popolo.
The hawk is present. It’s you, the primary executors of the galactic programmes, if you set yourselves in this intention.
Produce in greenhouse of Damanhur the seed to be transplanted in centuries.
Fewer charioteers in roles and functions and rather, more driving horses on the chariot of desires.
Information on Vajne and neighbouring realities to grow and approach.
With the power of vision create realities of peace. Temples in the world reactivating at the expected signal.
Evidence of alien anchorage on spotted, planetary settlements, camouflaged, concealed.
Fixed thoughts disturb minds, shadows loom.
It is better wishing to live in fairy tales than in shadows.
I distinguish between those who recite and who is true.
Lift the veil and look beyond.