Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Inter cession, now color the time of transhumance.
Water as manna. Gratitude for winds,
currents that accompany. There is volcanic voice,
and animal-vegetable species help the new plan.
Weld the union of people, which is shield and protection first.
Red and black sun in the skies of the world.
Acts of psychological, social, intellectual, physical terrorism.
Peace as an inner choice, to build it on the outside
and to become its operators. Regaining contact and consistancy
with centered and unforgotten rituality.
Appointments repeated with every beat.
They are the vital breath to bring the return closer.
Citadel of the beyond is fortified and expanding.
Coming possibilities to act and interact between worlds.
Pleasant surprises await.

Photo by: Claudio Rossoni