Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

High and low tides of moods.
Fall, prepare for winter.
Planetary physiological regurgitations.
The riverbed of love divine order
flows in the world and hearts. flows in the world and hearts.
The arrivals of the chosen ones take place
If the system of recognition does not change.
Without the retaining links,
the tappi pass and go.
Discover the calming, magnetic force of maturity.
Esotericism to survive time
and not plummet into fleeting fads.
Constellations, cosmic triangulations, new frontiers.
Physical and subtle explorations of the spaces of the mind
unravel the secrets of matter and the universe.
Entronauts – internal travelers – and astronauts place themselves at a Lagrange Point.

Photo by: Claudio Rossoni