Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Celestial amphora poured to Earth.
Cosmic winds of information,
of instilled intuitions.
Uncommon resonances occur in subterranean caverns.
The senses are amplified by the cosmic lens.
Divine deepens into spiritual awakening
alternating with darkness still upon souls.
Poems. Feast with colours and seasonal flavours.
Boiling from beneath. Bubbles of methane,
of magmatic knowledge and soap bubbles.
A cold yellowish heat is tinged in the plain.
An ivory-white tower is being erected from the steam,
in the watery humidity, chimney and antenna,
with an upward swirl of superheated molecules.
Beings, and the great ones of Earth, inhale the turreted cloud.
Lightning bolts fall into the atmosphere,
waves of modified energy.
It is twilight, this is an eye
to the Earth of not now.


Photo by: Claudio Rossoni