Response for Damanhur and those who are listening, as collected by those present:

Temporal miracles holding the possible and the impossible.
An apparition, from above echoes a smiling image.
In the folds of time, more time to shine.
New fluidity. Widespread joy. Solemn praise.
Celebratory ceremony. New agents enter, helpers,
reagents in the systemic totem of this time.
Behind the curtain of fog the clarity of the eternal design.
Next rain of events to be directed with sound and dance.
Forge of the Gods. Attention to divine metallurgy.
Meta-technologies in preparation rise
behind the veil of reality. Algorithms of race mind.
Thought on a next level.
New eyes to follow the people. Closer to the others.
Synchronic lines downloading data, so much to digest.
Clear signs of compensation.
Flat scales not in balance. Time weight mismatch.
Projections and trampolines only towards the future,
spreading apart the past that weighs without use.
In evaluations, courage not to fall behind
by indulging in bizarre backward logics.
If new and renewed, admitted to the next appointment.
Thus, light, one floats on the sea like oil drawing.


Photo by: Claudio Rossoni