The Italian government decree which appears to promote safety at work appears in fact to be merely a tool to forcefully push citizens to get vaccinated: this is what both the Minister of Health and the Prime Minister of the country have publicly declared.

The mandatory Green Pass does not increase safety at work: on the contrary, those who are not vaccinated are more certain of their state of health because they are made to undertake regular swabs, while those who have been vaccinated can still unknowingly transmit Covid virus because the testing requirement does not apply to them.

In essence, we see these measures being unrelated to the safety at work, but instead an attempt to increase vaccination rate. The manner in which these requirements have been imposed demonstrate the exact opposite to the respect of every citizen’s right of free choice.

This, in our opinion, represents a serious infringement of the right to work enshrined in the Constitution: ‘Italy is a Republic founded on work’, as we, the Italian citizens, are now required to pay to be able to work.

We believe that the decision to be vaccinated must remain a choice or every individual and the imposition of the Green Pass is unjustified. All things considered and looking at it from a broader speculative and political view, it seems that the Italian government circumvents the impossibility of making the vaccine mandatory, since the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has not officially declared that these are ordinary types of medicine.

Only when the EMA will take this decision will the Government have the choice, if necessary, to take the path of compulsory vaccination.
In this regard last September Mario Draghi has already made it very clear:

“It is up to the EMA to decide to switch from the current ‘conditional authorization’ to a ‘standard authorization’ for Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson vaccines”.

This centralized decision has not been taken to date, since the EMA chose to delegate it to the individual member states, considering this a political choice and not a technical responsibility (from ‘La Repubblica’, September 05, 2021).

While the Italian government is discussing the possibility of reducing the cost of swabs for companies, the Damanhur Federation offers this service to local population through its medical center at roughly half the cost of that announced by the state government.

By doing that we are offering a proactive support aimed at those citizens who collectively chose to undergo regular testing as a non-confrontational peaceful response to a national political system that imposed their decisions by force.

A loving and positive thought is followed by consistent action: active networking and remembering to care not only for oneself but also for others always produces positive effects.

The magical and spiritual thinking that is based on the union of intent, brings people closer to each other. The contrary also remains true: fears, selfishness and the search for personal gain inevitably lead to violence and conflict.

We invite you to share your opinion on this topic in a respectful manner in the comments section below.

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