While researching the myth of Sif, our February heroine, Norse Goddess of the grain with golden hair, I kept asking myself, “How can we learn something from ancient myths to help us in this day and age, when all the major paradigms keep changing so much and so fast?

This is a moment in history where women have an increasing impact on society in ways that we have never experienced before. Maybe you will be surprised by this, but this revolution seems to have started with… the invention of the birth control pill. Women gained control over their reproductive choices and from then on a lot of things became possible, for example, the sexual revolution of the 60’s and 70’s.

This also made it possible for women to enter into the business arena, since more and more women were free to focus their energy on a career instead of having only one choice: running the household and the needs of many children. Feeling that they could have a greater role in society, women also felt they wanted to participate more: this is proven by the drastic increase in women’s presence on the political arena after the ‘60’s.

These are also the years in which we start to see more and more attempts by women to be seen and accepted in areas that were reserved to men, such as politics, journalism, law and medicine.
From this perspective, I was skeptic about the idea that I could learn something from a Goddess, whose name comes from the old Norse word “Sifjar” which means “affinity to and connection by marriage”.

I decide to let the magic formula, “Once upon a time…” play its trick on me, taking me gently into a space with no time, where I felt I could learn something new, although it seemed paradoxical…. So, here is what I have learned from Sif…

Don’t be naïve, be aware of lurking thieves.

One day, Sif was sitting on a shore outside Asgard, where the gods live, drying her golden hair in the sun, and she fell asleep. Loki, the god of fire and mischief, cast a sleeping spell on Sif. He found her laying down, and his evil mouth smiled at this chance to make trouble. He knew that Sif’s golden hair was Thor’s greatest treasure, and he was determined to take it away from him. He took his scissors and cut off Sif’s hair… all of it!

I am a woman who prefers to think that we live in a positive world, where goodness is always stronger than evil, and everyone has good intentions, if we look well under the surface. In spite of this, I have certainly encountered some situations that made me realize that this is not always the case. I believe that the world is no less beautiful because of this.

It just asks me to be an even more active player in life. If I assume that I am surrounded only by good intentions, I might fall asleep. When I’m vigil and attentive to what I have in front of me, I can be fully open and not conditioned by my preconceptions – good or bad. I can then become a protagonist of life, making a real mark with my own existence and actions.

In many mythologies, hair is a metaphor for personal strength. Inspired by Sif’s story, I have asked myself the following questions. I invite you to do the same.
How many times have I awakened from a dream to see in the mirror that my strength (hair) was gone?
For me, it was a romance that went wrong; a friendship that vanishing into nothing without me understanding why; leaving a discussion at work and feeling completely wiped out, and not knowing why…
What can it be for you?

The Reawakening is not complete, yet

I feel in the air that something big is about to happen. We keep hearing about the reawakening of the Goddess, and many people touched by this renaissance of more feminine values, like inclusion, equality, welcoming to diversity, new healing methods, new educational systems

Yet, there is also an exacerbation of the debate, with extreme feminists condemning men for all that is not in harmony in our world – using tones, language and methods that have very little to do with the feminine values that are ushering in to bring balance and harmony among all, and in the world.

On the other side of the spectrum, movements like the Incels (Involuntary Celibate Men) or the even more extreme MWGTOW (Men Who Go Their Own Way) feed fear and hatred for women that can destroy the social fabric for generations to come.

These are signals of how deep the transformation we are living is, and how the transition is still ongoing. We can hear the Voice of the Goddess, yet it is sometimes only a whisper.

Sif can help us embrace all apparent contradictions and paradoxes, teaching us to be strong and sweet, powerful and welcoming, sensual and with a strong sense of our worth.

Please, share with us your impressions and thought on this ongoing reawakening.
Where can you feel, see, experience it?

Bertuccia Bietola