Sif is a Scandinavian feminine divinity. She is beautiful and strong, the wife of Thor, mother of two sons; she oversees crops, harvests and battles. She is one of the Valkyries, who, in agreement with Odin, decide who will survive in battle and who will instead reach Valhalla, the paradise of Scandinavian heroes. In other myths, Sif is considered a Sibyl, a Seer in contact with hidden and arcane answers.

Sif is a modern, multitasking and even multimedia character. Not only do we encounter her in classical mythology but also in comics. In fact, in the adventures that the American superhero colossus Marvel dedicates to her companion Thor, Sif sometimes makes her appearance.
We could also jokingly say that she is the forerunner of modern trichology research, being the first woman to have had a hair transplant. The perfidious Loki had cut off her blonde hair, but then he had to find another kind of hair for her. Created by the dwarves Brokk and Sindri, her new hair is real gold, yet it grows just as natural hair does.

The goddess Sif is a very beautiful, modern and inspiring figure. She is a complete woman: a mother and a warrior, a medium and yet very present to all her tasks and very attentive to nature. Sif shows us how a single soul can contain and develop different approaches to life. We say “different approaches” because life itself is expressed through diverse environments and missions, which require the manifestation of different characters, attitudes, and behaviors. Sif is the mother, the warrior, the custodian of abundance, and the priestess. Being one thing does not exclude the others, just as in life, rainy days do not cancel sunny ones, and sadness does not prevent happiness from blossoming.

Sif’s message is about trusting one’s inner world strongly. I can express different sides of myself and fully participate in the events I encounter every day. There are so many talents within everyone, that we can live every adventure we are involved fully and with confidence, without depending on others… that does not mean being alone. It means being together, sharing deeply, without being dependent on one another.

If today’s world is based on separation, it is because there is fear, and fear is the result of insecurity, of the worry of not being able to cope with everything that happens. Sif sends us a message of trust and wise confidence, in ourselves and others. It is both an energetic and sweet message, where there is a Justice that supports humans and protects us from evils. Like so many myths, also Sif’s speaks of war and combat.

This is something we struggle to recognize positive aspects in. However, what is shown here is the ability and the acceptance of the responsibility to fight of those who have many values and abilities. They are the ones who know how to give the right importance to defending the principles they believe in, and the rights of their people.

We all have many values and talents within, all it takes is to believe in this and to commit to making them blossom. This is the message of the wise and strong Sif. This is the gentle wind coming from the North, from the cold lands, to warm our hearts and allow us to nourish a complete, holistic approach to life.

On the planet Venus, dedicated to the goddess of beauty, a crater was named after Sif: The Sif Mons. Perhaps the golden-haired goddess is also an astronomer? We cannot know this for sure, nor does the myth tell us about it. However, we, women and men who give names to planets and stars, can let Sif inspire us, guiding us on the discovery of the multiplicity of lifelines we hold within us.

Stambecco Pesco