Did you like the first part of “The Story of the Ant?”
If the answer is yes, here is the continuation. If you have not read the first part yet, here is the link to this inspired metaphor, which stimulates a lot of reflection about our lives as human beings… Happy reading!


“… All this knowledge, all these rituals and seemingly meaningless dances were kept hidden and cultivated in secret. With the art of fire, they discovered over time that some pebbles melted when the fire was very large, and they gave rise to metals.
They discovered that some crystals had the same function as the water droplets, and that wood hardened by the flame became a powerful weapon to defend themselves against enemies. Also, they discovered that ash was excellent for fertilizing underground mushroom cultivations and conserving food for a longer period in the wintertime, keeping away disease, mold and a thousand other things.
They learned to trace secret signs in order to recall techniques and knowledge in their minds. They invented writing, engraving different symbols on sturdy leaves with their jaws. They learned to read and write. With beeswax they conserved the sacred books of new wisdom. They learned how to attract nocturnal butterflies with fire and to tame them so that they could be ridden to faraway places, or up into the trees without fatigue.

The religion-knowledge that arose from the Victorious Sun gave them the powers of the New Force, and with it an ever more elevated spiritual consciousness. First secretly, then openly, they preached that it was possible to bring the Sun to the Earth.
Believing that they were doing good, they gave a small part of their science to the anthill, to see if the masses were ready for the revelations of the secrets of the New Force.

Immediately, the soldier ants discovered unthinkable and exciting possibilities for the use of fire. They saw that they could conquer other anthills, under the threat of the destructive fire.
And so they did.
Crazy Generals attacked the alleged enemies with fire and easily defeated every defense.
But the fire expanded beyond their control, and it burned the entire forest, closely threatening their own anthill. Only the faithful followers of the New Force, through their premonitions, knew how to save themselves. They brought the pure of heart with them, for no Force can be used if Consciousness and Knowledge has not lifted the beings who used them from bestiality.
Are the wars among ants the cause of the mysterious forest fires?

The ant followers of the New Forces formed secret societies in many anthills to prepare for the coming of the Great Reawakening of the entire species. In their monasteries, the arts took on great importance. They learned how to excavate hard rock, to illuminate the darker places with tiny quartz mirrors. They painted the walls of the underground villages with exquisite art.
They became poets, artists of highly refined culture, and every new artwork and every new discovery meant greater glory for their faith.

They were closely united with the origin of things: the Victorious Sun, carrier of life, joy, evolution! But what sacrifice and commitment to create the liberation of their world!”
The End