Collective art, doing things together, in addition to study, is the path to grow the spirit of the creator. For us in Damanhur the most important collective art are the Temples of Humankind and the study path, the School of Meditation.

What we have learned from our experience over 40 years is that a creator is recognized as such by commitment, strength, conviction and participation. This life is a road to growth, those who believe do not stop, but they improve, work inside and outside of themselves, and do not flee. From our experience we have distilled these points to recognize a creator.

The 5 points to recognize a creator:

  1. When you feel disappointed or disenchanted, you remember that life can be taken as a game.
  2. Instead of being righteous, pure and flawless, you try to be a consistent and modest player that knows how to take risks.
  3. Instead of making excuses because bigger things prevent something, you know how to change your life, your program and be daring.
  4. Instead of hesitating, calculating your losses before calculating what you can earn and try to be the one that will leave a mark.
  5. Instead of expecting congratulations because you did well, you try to change your actions and recognize the ideal before the profit.

And you, are you a creator? Do you believe in the game and the ever changing rules?