A new year has begun. Or has it..? The official system used worldwide today to count the years is based on the religious ideas of Gregory, a 6th century monk. In turn he was influenced by an astronomer from Alexandria. Julius Caesar had asked him to invent a method simpler than the Roman calendar, based on lunar cycles. Its mechanism was so complicated that it required a group of experts to regularly meet and keep the calendar synchronized with the astronomical seasons. The Julian Calendar is still used today by the Berbers of North Africa, the Orthodox monks of Mount Athos in Greece, and in some Russian Orthodox churches. And then there are the Chinese calendar, the Hebrew calendar, the Damanhurian calendar… each of them indicates the beginning of a new year at a different time.

What matters, then, is perhaps not the “when”, but the feeling that a new cycle is beginning, that there is a new opportunity to change the color and theme of our lives, individually and collectively. Our species creates its world through words, which become thoughts and emotions. The positive expectation of something new, the hope that things can change also rests on the co-created perception that new beginnings really do exist. By expecting them, by bringing attention to them we make them real by “fishing” them out of the probability continuum. We can create a new line of events. Or more simply, at our level of creatures with free will but not yet creators of universes, we can pull this line towards the vibrational frequency of our plane of reality, to be able to then hook on to it so that it can lead us elsewhere. We will then need more “beginnings,” to keep our attention focused towards a constant programming of reality: a shared, optimistic and super-fast co-creation to adapt as a sail would to every change of winds-events.

The feeling of urgency has become a constant companion. The documentary on Greta, just released on Netflix, colors this sensation with data, power and tenderness, and puts us in front of a mirror. We need courage to face it, and ask ourselves as Greta did, “what can I do, what can I do best?”

At Damanhur, everyone gives their best according to their talents and level of awareness: our uniqueness is exalted and supported by our collective ideals and dedication. Through our life-long commitment we have specialized in understanding the human position within the spiritual eco-system; we have re-discovered and created systems to dialogue with the Divine Forces, those transcendent principles beyond form that also live within us.

In this planetary crisis we are calling upon the great Divine Masculine Power connected to the Earth. We are asking it to stabilize its presence, changing the very vibration of the planet. Because the Earth is in a hurry, and it is also showing us the facts: our planet accelerated its race in 2020, and according to forecasts 2021 will be even faster.

The Earth does not need us to exist, we know that. But what if its Consciousness did need us to express our most elevated qualities—proof and testimony of the divine presence within—in order to fully accomplish its evolutionary leap? Arts, music and creativity, i.e. Beauty applied in everything as a value leading us to truth, as it enlivens with emotion and presence everything it touches. This would support the Earth in its spiritual evolution, as well as all the forces that animate it and to which we are connected, and we nourish with our thoughts and emotions.

The presence of the Goddess is leading us towards the rediscovery of community, sexuality made sacred again, wholistic healthcare, de-centralized finance, new ways of educating the young. The full Awakening of the Divine Masculine will support all this with the strength to make courageous choices, a new passion for life, creativity applied to discoveries and inventions, a new evolutionary and humane direction in all sciences, to transform the war of peoples against peoples into battles to restore the balance with nature. This balance, this Love that becomes Intelligence and applied evolutionary program, is valuable also for our planet’s consciousness.

Article written by: Esperide Ananas Ametista

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