Today, we live in a world that attacks and fights healing with all possible means, because there are infinite economic activities that thrive from “illness.” Yet one of the innate powers of our extraordinary body is a natural capacity for self-healing.

For the pharmaceutical industry, we are important consumers, and it does everything to insure that we do not awaken our awareness that it is possible to stay healthy even without pharmaceuticals. Taking back your own health means understanding that the easiest remedy, the most available one, is often the longest path to true and complete healing.

The Path of the Spiritual Healers  teaches us to rediscover the keys to our well-being and our freedom to heal. Rebuilding the balance to stay healthy means opening up to listening, living life with enthusiasm and passion, creating connections with the environment around you, which includes not only human beings, but also other forms of life and energy.

Our body is biologically and subtly structured to be healthy, and every breath triggers hundreds of millions of chemical reactions to respond to the needs of our body and soul. The first thing that the School for Spiritual Healers teaches is contact with prana energy, which – through breath – brings vital lymph and valuable information throughout our entire being.

Health is not just a state of physical and mental well-being, but most of all, spiritual. For this reason, educating yourself to think positively, training a new vision of yourself and reality, opening up to the perception of the complexity of life, are all indispensable stages on the path of the Spiritual Healer.

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