When Damanhur was well organized in 1983 and everything seemed to be going smoothly, Falco Tarassaco decided to make a radical change in the life of the community. Why?
Because if you have the courage to change when everything is going well you also have enough energy to transform things for the better, and you can experience change not as a remedy, but as a strategy to grow.
Falco called this new phase the “Game of Life” and started traveling all over Italy with many people. Playing together in a magical and creative atmosphere, we dreamed of a Damanhur full of art and great works and we laid the foundations for the new development of the whole community.

When the trip physically returned to Damanhur, to be able to infect with the same enthusiasm those who had not participated in this movement and felt distant from the new proposals, Falco proposed a “battle” in which, always playing, they would determine who would guide the transformation of Damanhur: the newcomers through the Game of Life or the old generation who had founded Damanhur!

That battle was epic! It mixed the energies and emotions in everyone, dissolved prejudices and fears that were generated in both factions and in only a few days, was able to produce a level of union and sharing that would last a lifetime and otherwise be achieved in months, if not in years.

Playing together makes “quantum leaps” in any context the game can represent, at the same time, the fuel of change and the solvent of difficult situations accelerates the processes and reassembles them according to a new balance because when you play you are more open and permeable to accept new logic.

Since then the “battles” have become a tradition in Damanhur. Divided by teams, the Damanhurians camped in winter for days and nights with temperatures below zero! They were in the woods with the aim of stealing the flags of the others. In a climate of survival and fun in general, there have been attacks, strategic retreats and even changes of camp that have involved hundreds of people, often at the same time.

Plato said: “It is easier to know a person in 1 hour of play than in 1 year of conversation”. He was right! The ‘Battle of the Arts’ was another example of how, playing together, it was possible to build works of art that to this day, still make Damjl beautiful: the altar of the Earth, the stone stairway leading to the Open Temple, the painted walls and more. At that time the teams were called by the names of animals. There were the Pink Bass, Lemurs, Armadillos, Leopards, Lizards and Barracuda. Even today, after almost thirty years, if we talk about the Battle of Art, Damanhurians get fired up, ready to argue that their team was better than the others!
The Horusiadi that take place every year, in the summer, are games in which the teams are formed by the different Community regions, or a group of 4-5 or 6 communities that form a single team. The races are many and again the competition -constructive! It explodes and involves everyone in the challenges and of course the cheering. Yes, even in Damanhur there is fan support and even the calmest and most seraphic people go wild during these tense times!

Finally, the most incredible of the games is ‘Damanhurian Risk‘.  It is incredible because it is difficult to believe that thirty people over 25 years have developed this board game to fill up an entire wall on which an imaginary planisphere is drawn and one follows long cycles like eras. Here civilizations are born, evolve, disappear and transform themselves, giving life to new forms of civilization, each strongly characterized and, above all, perpetually at war to affirm its own supremacy or its right to exist.

Anyone approaching this game takes a month before they can begin to understand what these strange people are talking about! Two nights a week, they are involved in declarations of war, coup, cases of international espionage, technological developments and more. It truly is a game of risk!

So… does the ‘Game’ really exist in Damanhur? Obviously yes, but if you ask the Damanhurians, they will answer not enough, because it is true that you can never really play enough!
The Game is the most serious thing to do to build a project together!