Synchronicity is a vital flow that permeates everything around us, and it allows us to find new meanings for every event that happens in our lives. It is a magical dimension which, in Damanhur, we call a “Law.” This may seem like a word that takes away a bit of poetry, but it actually makes it more dense and stable, the existence of this network of connections between events beyond cause and effect that bring new opportunities to us. Living in its flow means being able to guide our lives more fully, immersed in this sea of ​​possibilities.

The goal of the Game of Synchronicity, a course organized for the first time in Damanhur on October 20-21, was to give participants the tools to recognize synchronic flow, to welcome it into their lives, and to learn how to guide it. They took advantage of the synchronic moment and succeeded in having this unforgettable experience.

And you?