The movement of Destination Damanhur continues, calling out to and connecting with spiritual warriors and souls on a mission who find Damanhur as a destination, whether for a short stretch of exchange, like the 10 day Aminé program, or a longer time of exploration in the 3 month New Life journey, which could lead to choosing Damanhur as a spiritual path and home, or creating connection with Damanhur in the World. These ‘corks’ come with a familiar light in their eyes and stories of synchronicity that brought them here.

Wondering who or what a ‘cork’ is? Watch the video of the Myth of the Tappi (cork in Italian) or Drimj (cork in Sacred Language) to discover!

I asked Scorpione, a ‘cork’ and young Damanhur citizen who has recently come from the Naples area of Italy, what he would say to other ‘corks’ his age if he could reach out with a message. This is what came from his heart.

To my spiritual brothers and sisters…
To the souls who yearn for the stars,
To all who crave, burn and scream in young bodies seeking Virtue and Knowledge,
To those who love and dream and fall in love,
A new chapter of an ancestral “Grand Opera” has been opened.
It must be lived now because the time is right and the world can’t wait any longer.
There is a place where new legions of ancient warrior souls are coming together. 
To be part of “the most beautiful painting that has ever been made.”
To fight for the most important Revolution in the history of humanity!
And this timethis Revolution is an act of Love!!!

Scorpione 3

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