Mantide Dafne, in Damanhur for over thirty years tells us the story of her encounter with illness and healing.

In 2005, on a Thursday afternoon, I found myself walking in the art gallery of selfic paintings at the Damanhur Crea Center. I felt that one of the paintings emanated a particularly strong energy that day and that this energy was calling to me, with a personal message. I had the feeling but I could not say why, that it was an energy connected to the Grail. I remained focused on it, and then eventually I read the title of the painting and I realized the truth of my intuition: the painting was titled ‘This is the way that leads to the Grail’.

The thursday meetings

I have always loved spending time in the gallery of selfic paintings on Thursday afternoons, before the weekly meeting with Falco Tarassaco, and I often went to find a particular painting to greet it. A month or so after the first time I had seen it, I received a precise message: the painting, in it’s own way, communicated that it would take me away. I do not know how, but I immediately connected this message to being taken away to death and I told myself that I was not ready. I had not yet refined myself enough, I had not yet learned enough to be able to say that I had used my life well. I had been living in Damanhur for twenty years, but I felt that my life, at that moment, was still unexpressed. A few weeks later, I was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer.

Intending to Heal

The clinical history of my recovery is the same of many women who have lived the same adventure, which mixes the apprehension, the closeness of the people who love us and the ability of good doctors. In addition to this, I could count on the support of the other Damanhurians, on the pranotherapy, on the community doctors, on the presence of Falco himself who, more than once, while I was in hospital, talked to me, supported me and gave me advice.
Thankfully all went well, not without great effort but with a positive final result.

Inside me, I was deeply connected to the feelings that I had when I saw that painting, and to its call towards the Grail. The first thought I had when I received that message was the huge desire to heal. I did not want to heal simply to continue living, but because I wanted to grow, I wanted to become better.
I liked my life, I had a wonderful daughter that I joyfully saw maturing, I had a partner that I loved, but it was not these things that moved me. What I realized was that I wanted to have the opportunity to grow, evolve and conquer the spiritual goals that I felt were still far away from me. I wanted to approach the Grail that had called me, giving an even fuller meaning to my life.

A reason to heal

I believe that I have overcome the disease precisely because of this, as well as for the precociousness of the diagnosis, for the expertise of those who have treated me and for the things that I still regularly do to continue my healing. I gave a direction to the life I still wanted to live, and the direction was towards my own growth.

Since then, many years have passed and several things have changed within me. I continue with the same commitment to do all the things that I did before but no longer as duties or commitments to others, but rather as occasions to affirm myself, with humility, learn, discover and understand.
I also participated in the School of Spiritual Healing, as a parallel experience that would help me to understand what was happening to me and how to put it to good use. I truly feel like I have become a better, more complete person.

Just as before, the thought of dying or living does not scare me, but I certainly know that if I live, it is to grow intimately.
The disease did not leave me with all good memories, but it certainly represented an important opportunity of reflection for me that allowed me to better understand myself. I was able to touch The Grail, in a sense, and I don’t ever want to forget it, because it taught me so much. The most important thing that I have understood is that life should be used well and lived well, doing things, transforming oneself, not just standing there watching it go by. Under these conditions, even an experience of illness can be a gift.

~ Mantide Dafne

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