The possibility of encounters and communication between the human world and the plant world is a subject that as Damanhurian researchers we have been addressing very willingly for over forty years. We firmly believe two things: the first, is that the trees and the plant creatures in their complexities are not only alive but also intelligent, sensitive and eager to communicate also with other species; the second is that they are also the creatures closest to us, companions on our path of spiritual growth. We therefore often speak from experience about the ability of the plant world to communicate with us. To be able to do so in this way is a great experience of sensorial expansion, which is the basis of our knowledge of the world.

The recordings and concerts of Music of the Plants are an important aspect of this research, as well as the course Communication with the plant world and Tree Orientation. Many mystics and many scientists, in a different form, affirm similar things, and when the same theme can be approached from such different points of view, which turn out to be different but not distant, it means that the theme is important and deeply rooted in our soul.

A different time

For us humans it is easy to realize that we are facing a tree: first of all we see it then we touch it, we perceive its smell in real time and if there is just a bit of wind we can also hear the creaking branches and the leaves that rustle. If we know how to silence our mind, relax our body and bring attention to what surrounds us, we can realize that we are immersed in a great system of  thought, we can realize that a great brain, with languages ​​and ways different from those we are accustomed to, is currently elaborating that moment near us.
However, be careful as the trees do not have the same ease in perceiving us. Each species of plant and tall trunk trees lives at a speed completely different from ours. Trees have much slower times of perception. We, finding ourselves in front of the tree or plant, immediately perceive its shape, its colors, smells and so on. The same plant or tree, instead, needs a much longer time to notice us and our presence, a bit like a photographic film that needs a long exposure time to get an imprint of a particular scene.

Make it perceivable

Therefore, when we are close to a plant and want contact with it, first of all we need a certain amount of time and patience. When we say that it is important to breathe deeply, to concentrate, to “stop”, we refer to an attitude that can allow the plant to perceive us, not just something that can help us. It is quite natural, when you want to talk to a plant, put yourself in a state of relaxation and almost meditation, because we know that this can help us to grasp the languages ​​and signals that come to us from our plant friend. But above all it serves to allow them to become aware of us, and it is necessary to calm the body and mind in a way that allows the perception of such a slow being. Slow, of course, from our point of view: if we think of the life span of an ancient tree, we realize that the response of its senses is simply proportional to its longevity.

Which voices?

Sometimes, after we have been in a forest or a park, maybe even after just a few minutes we feel recharged and full of well-being – as often happens when we are in the middle of nature – we have the feeling that the plants have spoken to us and perhaps even given us some wise advice.
Warning: if we have not been there long enough, the plants will not have even noticed us, and the voices we heard were only our own inner voices, certainly important but not related to the plant world.
 All this should not discourage us, far from it! Talking with plants is possible and can be a beautiful experience. Only, it is necessary to do it with the availability of time and patience, to allow them to speak to us. So, it’s a great experience for us and the plant! It can even seem like time becomes something very slow and very fast at the same time.

And you? How do you communicate with the plant world? Share in the comments below!