Knowing the talents we have inside us is important. In fact, when we know how to exploit our potential, we act and we realize things that are not only of great value, but above all they make us feel good. Inside you, inside your friends, and inside the people you meet, there are qualities that are sometimes obvious and many others which are hidden, covered by shyness, lack of use, or even laziness.
Often, we need to be encouraged by circumstances to bring out these qualities of ours. Other times we waste them because we are presumptuous and then we exaggerate in giving importance to ourselves and to the things we do. In both cases, these are forms, albeit different, of fear and of little self awareness.

The example of Falco Tarassaco

Falco Tarassaco was a beautiful example of trust in people and the enhancement of their talents. He seemed to know people better than they knew themselves and he cared about their realization more than anyone else.
When you had the opportunity to talk to him about a project, an idea or a problem, his attitude was always that of someone who would listen carefully and then give strength to the person in front of him. It was he who, in the people who had uncertainties, would indicate the parts of themselves from which to draw strength and energy. He would signal hidden gifts or talents and encourage initiatives in those who did not feel completely capable of undertaking a particular task. He had a special flair for perceiving people’s abilities and for finding the right words to encourage their use. He was a talent hunter.

Supporting dreams

In the same way, he knew how to indicate the excesses of security of those who exaggerated with self-esteem, but always with the aim of allowing their talents to manifest themselves at their best, without burning out.
It was very rare for him to go to someone to offer something to do or give unsolicited advice. But when someone asked him for an opinion or a suggestion, his way was always to support people’s dreams, indicating the intimate resources to which to appeal.

Unless, of course, people had completely inadequate dreams and plans and risked damaging themselves and others. In those cases Falco suggested to look inside themselves and have common sense, a criteria that is also mentioned in the Damanhurian Constitution.
Many Damanhurians have discovered talents, passions and have undertaken professions precisely because Falco encouraged them to put attention on skills that they did not know they had or had underestimated. He was very fond of encouraging the direction that everyone had already chosen and he considered it his task to suggest how to follow ones own path, pointing out the strengths, rather than indicating a path for them. Among the many ways in which he supported Damanhur, that of supporting people in the discovery of their hidden treasures was certainly one of the most important.

Us and our friends

If we think about it, isn’t this what we expect from our friends? Not so much that they do things for us, or choose for us, but rather that they help us to trust ourselves and live with that serenity that allows us to choose without uncertainty when it’s time to do so. It is something that we should all learn to do: encourage others, make them aware of their power, stimulate them to be demanding of themselves because they can always do better, get more out of life and be more satisfied. Falco Tarassaco taught to be humble but for him humility was not submission or renunciation. It was two very specific things: self-awareness and commitment; the ability to encourage others and to enjoy their successes.

How do you help your friends discover their talents?
How can you help them learn about themselves and become more aware?