The relationship between human beings and trees was always a great inspiration for creating new artistic expressions and celebrations of the sacred.

  • The columns that adorn the classical temples are a representation of the trees as the connecting element between the sky and the earth.
  • The totems of indigenous peoples represent the tree that contains the souls and spirits that are believed to be friends of humans.
  • The staff, from the caduceus of Mercury to the pastoral care of Christian bishops, reproduces the shape of the tree, representing both the upward momentum and the penetration towards the depth of the earth.
  • Even one of the last World fairs, the 2015 Milan Expo, had as its symbol the Tree of Life: technological, artificial, and fruit of human ingenuity, as if to represent the bridge between the human and the plant world.

The tree is a symbol that unites us and that represents a meeting point. In Damanhurian culture, it even represents a mother world.

The contact by choice

But the magic happens in a personal, direct, one-to-one approach with a tree, when we stand under its foliage, when we walk through the woods, when we feel in the contact with the plant world the power to relax and put ourselves at ease. It can happen by chance, when during a walk in a forest or a stop in a garden we feel better, or it can happen by choice, when we decide to establish a relationship with a plant being.
A personal relationship with a tree can be established in a similar way to that with a person: through physical presence, sincerity and willingness to listen.
A plant perceives us when we stop in its vicinity for a certain time. The plant world is not endowed with our speed of perception and needs at least a quarter of an hour to perceive our presence.

In contrast, it does not need physical contact nor is it necessary to caress the trunk or leaves of a plant. It is enough to be inside its aura, which expands for several meters beyond the stem.
A tree, precisely because of its different vital rhythm, is able to understand whether the thoughts we send it are sincere or not, so to build friendship with the tree, it is fundamental to be true, when we tell it our problems and our joys.

A millenary story

Finally, the willingness to listen, to grasp the answers that the tree will give to our questions. We will receive insights, thoughts, and images as a response to our questions and feeling, and we may even receive solutions to our problems.
In this way, we can create a personal relationship with the tree to which we will turn to receive comfort and to create those moments in which an inner light is lit that allows us to express the best of our talents.
Falco Tarassaco taught that a life is complete when it is spent in harmony with the plant kingdom. He proposed courses and meditations around this theme which is a millenary history, written through the cultures of peoples and the experiences of many individuals.