I have always lived in Damanhur, in the sense that I was part of its foundation. Indeed, thanks to the work of many, with my partner we were the first couple with a daughter to enter permanently in the spring of 1980. Damanhur was an adventure, from knowing Falco Tarassaco, then simply called Oberto, until I discovered that what I had always escaped, that is my ability to heal, it was truly one of my main attributes. All this, going through feeling like I was part of the project I had always dreamed of, founding a community, to revolutionize the way of living the world as a pioneer, studying communication, which was already my job, being a cyberneticist.

I prepared to be a spiritual healer in the summer of 1978, recognizing Falco as my spiritual teacher. At the time, in Italy, we were a group just over fifty people and we all knew each other. This year it will be forty years since the beginning of my professional career working with energy healing. I am the only professional still operating since then, committed to transmitting the things that I have learned over many years from doing hundreds of thousands of treatments.

In recent years, I have witnessed substantial changes in the therapeutic approach, the transformation of approaches to health and the birth of the current welfare disciplines, wisely regulated by different nations and included, as the OMS had hoped for, in the health protocols.

Globalization leads, today more than ever, to affirming that illness and health are collective concepts that require transforming the paradigms of reference: I am the world and if you are not well then I may also lose my health. The human being is a gregarious mammal, “designed” to live and reproduce with others, in a life to be spent in self improvement. To improve oneself means to enlarge oneself, that is, to learn to consider oneself, even starting from personal characteristics and experience, as an element of life inside and outside of us. True health coincides with feeling harmoniously integrated into one’s life, one’s environment and one’s own world.

Not by chance, today everyone speaks of wellbeing in the great as in the small things: they give us joy and fullness certain moments in which we feel in the full realization of ourselves, in the harmony of all our impulses. We are delighted by the moments when we are really united to others, to our loved ones but also simply to our colleagues, our neighbors and all those people who, without representing fundamental relationships, remind us however that the gradation of human relationships also includes of the simple knowledge that, properly explored, without much investing or demanding, can give us the sense of collectivity, of which man, a gregarious animal, needs. Those moments in which we feel intimately linked to the flow of life in the universe and its laws, religious for some, secular for others, but perceptible with the same force in moments of greater fullness give us joy.

Photo credit (including the Header photo): Perla ElanHor Lanari

The healthy individual is therefore a spiritual individual, in constant change through a spirituality not resolved confessionally but rather intimately felt, autonomously explored, far from conditioning that restricts thought and produces illness. This spirituality must then be freely affirmed, in front of oneself and in front of others, because in order to make the changes that lead to being well, one must begin to reflect on this part of oneself. It is a path that also affects all the other parts, so that they are recomposed and produce health, as the holistic principle teaches..

Being spiritual means knowing how to give meaning to things, having a conscious position in front of life, instead of living because we are alive and believe in something because we need it. This is my search for over forty years guided by the art of healing, from the energies, to foster change, discovering every day that: to have something you never had, to be something you’ve never been, to hear something you’ve never heard, you have to do something you’ve never done before!

Living like this means going beyond illness which is not only discomfort, but rather an aid to change: today, that we have the tools to understand it, it is more than ever. The idea of nature has changed considerably within our culture. Like the concept of Spirituality, it has also suffered a separation from the daily dimension and an idealization that has often made it a romantic literary phenomenon or an aesthetic framework for our existence. At the same time, nature has been the object of a growing predation that has made it a reservoir of resources to be plundered as an unlimited supply of raw materials.

In reality, the two attitudes are absolutely connected, since the detachment of nature from an intimate daily dimension has allowed us to “not see”, to not be witnesses, not to “listen” to abuses made to its detriment. It has also allowed us to conceive of nature itself, not as a world of forces and living beings, but as an inert “matter” without history and without name. Far from nature we have lost our humanity and this loss has marked a further departure from it and from ourselves. It is true that every affront to nature, every threat and every wound weighs on us all as humanity.

Modern biological and ecological discourses open new perspectives of respect, but they return only a part of the vision of nature, precisely because they are “logical” discourses, while to perceive the complexity of living creature, we need a different access key . To simplify, we can say that we need sentiment and mysticism. In practice it is necessary to reappropriate the idea that natural means living and vital, of a life that is flow capable of crossing all forms, be they mineral, vegetable, animal and even spiritual.

I think that humanity must regain possession of a modern vitalism, capable of integrating chemistry and physics with the transcendent forces that all inspire and shape. Here comes the direct experience of the healer. Ideologies, too often, forget the energetic parts, those transcending the matter; they separate nature into classes that not only divide but establish levels of complexity with which it is then believed to be able to organize existence, interpreting it as a mere chemical fact. Here, eating animals becomes bad and eating vegetables can be good, forgetting the complexity of nature. We forgot to be just “social animals”, as Socrates wrote 2500 years ago, conceiving the idea of ​​separation, of selfishness, which ended up distorting the sense of collectivity and belonging, to the point of undermining, if not annihilating, the world.

Nature is expressed in the life that is continuous change, the art of encounter. Neurosciences teach us how much egoism does not exist, humanity is pure belonging. Our central nervous system is made up of neurons that seek for the whole life, moved by the only purpose of uniting to give life to a synapse. Made the first, they work intensely to do the second and so on. The same thing that human beings do throughout their lives: they seek and fall in love.
Nature is not a “human-centric” system, but neither is it a bio-centric phenomenon. The fulcrum is the energy that shapes the overall ecosystem, information is the instrument of continuous change.
Today we need to change ideas, we must change the logic, transform the paradigms that limit the intelligence of life. If, as physics says, we only see 4% of what is in the universe, we can not think that organic chemistry explains the world, knowing that we ignore 96% of what actually exists.

Healing means returning to ally with nature, formulating new mystical pacts between man, trees and gods, including all the middle worlds. Bringing together the forces of nature and the spiritual worlds, making a leap from the modern reductionist culture to a new possible future, in which a Renaissance vitalism reigns the sense of union with the whole: I am the bacterium that I breathe, the leaf of salad, apple and hen that I eat. What I do to them, I do to humanity and to the gods. Then, only and if this happens, there will be no more disease.
We need everyone to heal. On our own we are weak and defenseless, together we are strong and happy. The epicenter of this new vitalism will be to discover the healing power of the group, overcoming the dichotomy formed by the combination of therapist / patient.

Being a healer has allowed me to understand all this and much more, condensing the experiences made, in a teaching method to try to be happy together, we have created a school to learn how to be Spiritual Healers in the third millennium.

Orango Riso

Consciousness of the Ecosystem:

“Vitality, as a whole, moves from one creature to another: this happens with the feeding chain but also at a different level, through wider and wider spheres of consciousness.

There is an ecological system that goes beyond the simple physicality of bodies, to bring it all to higher systems, I would dare to say “spiritual”.

Connecting to the consciousness of different creatures, however embryonic, has always helped me to understand how, in reality, these beings were not so different, as otherwise they appeared, but actually parts of me.”

Falco Tarassaco