Human beings understood the power of light on metals when they discovered the effect of heat on rocks. That discovery marked the beginning of metallurgy, changing the course of history and the evolution of our species. It was then that we began to use fire, the furnace and the forge, and since then metals became the cause and effect of all human events. The bond between us and metals is so strong that the ages of human history are divided according to the use of rough stone and the use of metals, and the evolution of human societies further depends on their use of different metals and alloys. Metal is time and time is metal.

The success and failure of entire civilizations depended on metals, and even today, the power contained in metals moves and ignites the entire world.
In 1905 Albert Einstein wrote an article in which he gave a correct explanation of the photoelectric effect, a phenomenon discovered in 1887 by Heinrich Rudolf Hertz. In that moment, the world of science realized that the relationship between light and matter was much deeper than it thought, and the true power of metals was actually still to be discovered.

In Damanhur for years we have been researching a technology based on the relationship between light and metals, called “Selfica”. It is a technology developed by Falco Tarassaco and inherited from Damanhur. It exploits the power inherent in the encounter between light, matter and spirals; a technology that is used with the specific purpose of making us masters of our time again.
Improving our relationship with ourselves, the environment and others, has always been a primary need for all the peoples on the planet and this basically means that rather than material things, or resources, what really matters are relationships.

In Damanhur, in order to reconquer our time, we have invested much energy in taking care of relationships, thus creating communities based on solidarity and developing a technology not aimed at producing home appliances, but beings living in symbiosis with us and able to amplify our power to attract the right events at the right moment when it can really make a difference: now. To become masters of our time once more, by means of a new technology is not enough, first of all, we first have to choose to be fully aware every day and improve the relationship with ourselves.

We can attain this objective in many ways, but there is one which is simple, and yet powerful and effective at the same time: close your eyes for a few moments, breathe and listen, perceiving the elegance and the majesty with which everything, both within you and without, moves, a dance that never stops. In that precise moment the incredible happens.

Re-Spira (Breathe)

“If you breathe you can slide into others now.”
~Oberto Airaudi


Taken from the book by Gnomo Orzo: “I make things happen


How can you experience Selfica from home?