He is a player – even a gambler – an author of jokes that are not always welcome; he has an irritable temperament. Tó Neinilii shows up to tribal dances in costume, and he behaves like a clown, but his presence is never to be underestimated because his function is to approve of what he sees and hears from the people. If his impressions are positive, he is likely to play fewer jokes and send the rain in a harmonious way. After all, Tó Neinilii loves his people a lot and defends them when aquatic creatures threaten them. In fact, Tó Neinilii is the one who saved the first Navajo man from Teehooltsdoii, a ferocious aquatic creature who wanted to capture the man. In this way, the lineage of the peoples was safeguarded.
Today, we also need a Tó Neinilii to help us restore harmony in the climate of our planet.

Even the rain seems to have gone crazy.

We are the ones who have been acting crazy during recent centuries, filling the ground, the seas and the atmosphere with harmful substances, without noticing – or pretending not to notice – that we were destroying the present and the future.
Can harmony be restored? Only through a profound transformation of values and consciousness. We need everyone’s effort to demonstrate that we are capable of taking care of our planet, of life and all others with love and respect.
Concrete actions, real union, and commitment shared by ever more people: only this can counteract the consequences of the absurd claims from too many Presidents and specialists who believe that climate change is a fabricated story. Even if it were, we cannot remain unaware that everything is changing, that we must transform ourselves to guarantee a future for future generations.
In this way, perhaps we can attract the attention of greater divine forces who, like Tó Neinilii, will choose to intervene and help us create an alternative and positive future path.

New thoughts

Tó Neinilii sometimes did magic, like an illusionist who knows the tricks well. He dressed like a clown and launched himself into wild dances to demonstrate his satisfaction and appreciation for his people. His suggestion is not to ignore the rain and its problems but to seek other ways of finding solutions for the world.
There is no need to just worry. We need to connect with each other and find new and effective goals together, to live sharing enthusiasm and passion, and to identify new ways of handling problems related to rain, water and climate.
This month, we could all try to think about and evoke Tó Neinilii, to give him the strength for a resounding manifestation. Imagine if at the United Nations headquarters in New York, on the day of the Spring Equinox, Tó Neinilii were to manifest himself to all those who are present and declare his conditions for continuing to giving us rain when we need it, and only when we need it! Perhaps Trump’s hair tuft would collapse – with all due respect, Mr. President – but anyway, none of his colleagues would laugh because they would be too busy making calculations about their own choices. Well, who knows…

Stambecco Pesco