In the halls of the Temples of Humankind there are magical, fascinating glass spheres full of different liquids. Some are colored, others in appearance are only white and transparent, but upon observing them well, each of them is a universe in itself where it is easy to get lost as the eyes gaze at them.

The liquids contained in these spheres are the result of an alchemical process whose duration, in many cases, is even 10 years. Why such a long time? Because time, in alchemy, is a fundamental ingredient to contact other portions of time. “like responds to like”, cites the second law of the Magic of Hermes Trismegistus – the first of the alchemists who lived nearly 2000 years BC – confirmed today also by experiments in quantum physics.

The physicist Alain Aspect, in fact, was the first to demonstrate in 1980 the veracity of this assumption. Aspec separated a pair of electrons and placed them miles away from each other. At Cern in Geneva he intervened on one of them by varying his spin (that is the direction on which an electron revolves around itself) and instantly his twin electron, which remained at the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Rome, reacted as if he had received the same impulse, demonstrating that between the two electrons the information passes independently from the spatial distance.

The spheres present in the Temples function according to the same principle: the waters coming from different places and times of our planet allow us to touch infinite points of time and space because, when the complexity of life and information contained in these instruments exceeds a critical mass, the spheres become amplifiers of the signals and information coming through the Synchronic Lines network.

This network consists of 9 vertical lines and 9 horizontal lines, which are tied to the poles of the earth and come out of it to connect to other planets, or other forms of intelligence. What does all this look like? A huge neural network that, in a similar way to what happens between the neurons of our brain, connects the various planets to each other to exchange information keeping us cohesive and aware ….
It is no coincidence that the third law of magic quotes “as above so it is below”…!

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