Health is that invisible element that we all want to possess, that we rarely notice when it is there but that greatly changes our life when it is absent.
Have you ever wondered what are the true characteristics of health? When are we healthy?
And if we have a disease, are we necessarily sick? Where is the limit between “having a disease” and “being sick”?

The tests are like a mantica

Even today you could have the predisposition to a disease that could develop in a grave condition tomorrow. There are many tests that give us the opportunity to know if we are healthy. There is, however, also a question of mental attitude that we think should be addressed carefully: facing a test is scary because a test, by its nature, is a judgement that, in the mind of an unprepared person, may seem unquestionable. In Damanhur instead, we propose a different way of seeing the results of the tests: we look at them in the same way we observe a mantica. There are many different types but in this case we speak of a biological mantica.
What is a mantica for? To avoid the problem that the test itself signals. What is the test for? To avoid the difficulties that the test predicted: it is a possibility, a predisposition, a risk. Especially if there is a familiarity with a certain problem, you will then pay attention to your habits, such as eating. You will then become accustomed to a specific diet and you will avoid to neglect certain symptoms that could increase the risk. In this way, we can have an active attitude towards life, without closing our eyes to possible difficulties but also with the positive attitude of those who face a new challenge every day.
This attitude in Damanhur is considered “to be healthy” even if we suffer from a serious illness.

How much life do we live?

With the right prevention, good habits and above all an active attitude, we can prolong a quality, physical life but it is also right that we ask ourselves some questions like what have I combined in my life? Did I do the things I promised? Can I do them now? Can I redeem myself from what I have never had the courage to do?
These questions can represent a useful cornerstone, a kind of road marker along our route. We have a biological life that is not infinite however long it may be, we still have an expiration date. The new generations will perhaps exceed 110 years and even the current ones have a great promise of life. Think about how the conditions of life were a century ago, even in the fifties of the twentieth century the average life span was sixty. Today in Europe we have an average age of 82 years for women and 75 for men. The increase in life span does not seem to stop and we need to think not only about how much we live, but also how much vitality we express in our years.
In Damanhur this is considered to be healthy, even if we die earlier than expected.

Let’s not die from ourselves

The fundamental aspect, during one’s life, is not to die of oneself!

~ Falco Tarassaco

We can die of everything else but if we can avoid boredom, we believe it is important. We should establish what we want to do with our life, our mission, what is ideally written in our path, in proportion to the choices and promises made by seeing where we are now. This is a wider discussion, which goes beyond the theme of death, however, we should identify some fixed points, such as when, from time to time, we have decided to put some cornerstones along the road of our life.
In our existence we can make choices, which can be chosen pro life or anti life. We can decide to poison ourselves with an unregulated life, we can decide to exaggerate with alcohol, with medicines or even driving too quickly. Or, we can choose to avoid these risks by challenging the danger, any danger, but only if it is necessary for us and for others, then we can choose it. So, it is right not to think so much about whether we will die, but to ask ourselves if we live a life worth living.
This attitude is considered to be healthy in Damanhur, even if we choose so five minutes before dying.

Damanhur Spiritual Healers School