There are those who say that the physical body is an element of little importance on a spiritual path, and that indeed it can become an obstacle, like everything else that is material.
On the contrary, there are those who acclaim that the body is the only certainty we have, given that we can believe in the soul, in a divinity, in a life beyond death, but without any guarantee.

In Falco Tarassaco’s vision, the body is the temple of the soul. Without it, we would have no meaning and would end up being a kind of hologram devoid of substance. Without a body, we would not have the opportunity to experience matter, which we know, is one of the characterizing elements of our universe. So, without a body the soul would have no reason to enter the universe. They are both important.

The soul is a timeless element, which therefore represents our eternal dimension, while the body is a transitory element, which represents the here and now. The soul is more real, the body is more Mayan but when it exists, it performs a fundamental function. For example, it is the body that marks the times of birth and death, and when it dies, gradually all parts that make up an individual such as the aura, the energy bodies, and the memories, separate from each other, putting an end to the experience of that life.

The word “experience” is very indicative of the life of the body. Falco explained that our physical body continually carries out many experiments. Adaptation to the environment, the response to psychosomatic stimuli, the preference that at certain times we have for certain foods rather than others, the ways of sleeping, are not only pre-established programs that the body must follow, such as aging, but also real experiments that the body carries out on its own initiative. In this way it too, as a partner of the soul, participates in the exploration of life, rather than simply witnessing it.

The Grail, the Knights and Indiana Jones

Even disease, from this point of view, assumes a completely different importance from what we have imagined up to now. It can be a form of experimentation that the physical body conducts, which involves the subtle bodies and every other part of the individual. These other parts are not always satisfied but in turn are required to adapt. When we accept what is happening and understand its teaching, we are faced with an evolutionary process.

According to Falco, disease is a precious evolutionary experience, which leads the person to reflect on themselves and on the harmony one has with the universe. But its value does not stop there. The presence of the disease brings us into contact with the force called ‘the Grail’, the same that many traditional cultures have represented with a cup, sought by knights, researchers, mystics, even by Indiana Jones! This cup contains, measures and distributes the most powerful energies in the universe.

In the Damanhurian vision, contact with those energies takes place in this age through disease. It is through it, knowing it and making it an element of personal transformation, that we can be close to the beating heart of the universe, which constantly expands in the direction of increasing complexity.

The wisdom of the body

Our body also “plays” with this theory. It experiences new states of being through it. An important concept to understand, at the basis of Falco’s teaching, is that health does not serve to maintain life, it serves to continually transform it into a new force field. The body that puts itself to the test, up to seeking the experience of apparent disharmony, is perfectly in line with the direction of life.

It is up to us to go along with the different phases. Do not force it into disease, with unhealthy habits, and do not artificially maintain its efficiency, so much that we lose contact with it.

The body is wise and learning to communicate with it is even more wise.

We are a unit of many different things, including the physical body, and the dialogue between all these things allows us to be happy and healthy. This is another way of understanding how important it is to be a community–even inside yourself.