The history of the ancient civilization of the planet includes the history of frequent visits by populations from other solar systems and other galaxies.

Falco Tarassaco said that the current wealth of different ethnic groups was not initially present on Earth and that the aboriginal inhabitants were those from central Asia. The repeated contamination with human races from far away elsewhere gradually created the current differentiation. Two million years ago, so much earlier than the current historiography tells us, the Earth was already inhabited by terrestrial humans and in many cases received visits from humans from other planets.
If you are possibilist about the fact that the history of humanity on Earth is perhaps different from what it is currently written in the books, or simply think that it could be useful food for thought, continue exploring with us!

The Einstein-Rosen bridge

Two million years ago our little planet was not so interesting and in fact, it was not usually a destination for space travelers. The various empires widespread in the universe, some belonging to human civilizations similar to us, and others to different forms, had expanded and traded in other quadrants of the universe. Which, although younger, and therefore less vast, of twenty million years compared to today, was however quite extensive.
 What happened? Near the solar system, the existence of a wormhole was discovered: a sort of space-time tunnel, a passage, a point of an anomaly of the laws that made it possible to move in real time from one zone of the universe to another. Crossing a wormhole, also called the “Einstein-Rosen bridge”, making the necessary proportions, is like going from one coast of the ocean to another without the burden of the long crossing.
 The area around the wormhole immediately became strategic and functional to the activities of the great civilizations and the Earth turned out to be the most hospitable planet for biological life. It was therefore colonized by several groups of different origins. The stellar colonies should not have mixed with the native populations and for many millennia they did not. Their task and their interest was not the conquest of the planet but to have a control station for the passage through the wormhole.

Closures and openings

However, the wormhole unexpectedly closed, leaving colonies on Earth isolated for millions of years, without any contact with the motherland. From generation to generation, the constraints of the mission disappeared, the visitors mixed themselves with the existing races, giving life to the ethnic stocks we know today. When, about thirty-five thousand years ago, that is … yesterday, stellar empires understood how it is possible to interact with the wormholes opening and closing rhythms, the colonization began again, with new logics, and soon saw the flowering of powerful civilizations like those of Lemuria and Atlantis. The rest is history, hoping that soon scholars will find documentary confirmations that show real evidence of what many researchers have been saying for decades.

A little piece of you above

According to Falco Tarassaco, who often spoke of Atlantis, almost nostalgically, as if he was telling about something that was regrettably lost, taught that knowing one’s ancient roots is very important. Life develops in the present and it is in the present that we build the meaning of our lives and value the things in which we believe. However, knowing where we come from as individuals, and knowing how far the roots of our species stretch, allows us to feel dignity and a sense of responsibility capable of guiding us into ever deeper reflections and ever richer achievements.
We live in many different times, not only in the present, and we come from the Earth as well as from other worlds, given that so many distant races have intermingled in the history of terrestrial humanity.

Do you ever look at the stars in the evening? Does it happen that sometimes, you are called to a particular one with greater intensity? Who knows, maybe there’s a little piece of you up there!