An ancient Egyptian myth tells that in order for Nut to give birth to Osiris, Thoth added additional days to the solar calendar, eluding the wrath of Ra who had declared that the illegitimate son could not be born on any day of the year. According to this fun myth, this is how the last days of the year were created, called epagomenal days. These are days in which deities are born, and if we look through various traditions, we find that at the end of December, in most cases, nativity is celebrated.

Here at Damanhur, we consider it the ideal period to give birth to new projects and ventures. In these days, which were days specifically added to time in order to host a birth, all energy is focused on pushing new projects so they can come into being with the best energy.

And it is because of this that in this period, instead of at the beginning of the Damanhurian new year, we write a Letter of Intentions where each person gives attention to personal planning, while on a larger scale, each group dedicates itself to collective projects.

According to Spiritual Physics, epagomenal days are endowed with a special “temporal density” that projects toward the future the ventures that are born during this time, therefore, this is the best time to start new projects, to begin studying something you have been interested in for a long time, to change your eating habits, to stop smoking or to give life to those ideas that for so long have been swimming in your head and in which you haven’t yet found the strength or the time to dedicated yourself to.

What projects do you want to begin in these epagomenal days?