In the midst of the European Middle Ages, the Mongolian empire founded by Genghis Khan, within a century and a half, had spread to a vast extension of the Euro-Asian continent. Even modern Turkey was part of the empire, and the religious vision of its population was greatly influenced by the shamanic tradition linked to Tengri, the creator god of the Mongolian pantheon. Yagil Qan, a feminine spirit closely connected with nature, was particularly important because of her role of transmitting the vital soul to animals and children, thus making them divine messengers, carriers of messages from the Beyond.

According to some legends, Yagil Qan, by inhabiting the purest beings – young humans and animals, offered part of her own consciousness, bringing forth profound thoughts. Yagil Qan herself is a medium, a channel through which the forces of nature express themselves.

Today, Yagil Qan still seems to be present. Nature is suffering, the world is ill, and human beings are greatly responsible. Alarms and appeals are repeated over and over again, but they are ignored, until all of a sudden a new springtime of thought arises through the youth.

Greta Thunberg is a Swedish student who is directing the attention and the will of millions of people around the world toward the commitment to safeguard the planet, and she is only 16 years old. Her first supporters are her own peers.

For decades, most of humanity has known about the risks we are facing with this unbalanced model for development that benefits the few, but for the first time, the youth are the ones who are mobilizing and the world is really starting to pay attention.

This new sensitivity toward the environment might make it possible to change the course of our history and rewrite the future, just like coming to a crossroads and changing path. Only with the support of a divine spirit can we succeed in this.

Greta and her friends are not the only ones who are launching messages and inviting us to change the course. Whales are losing their orientation and dying on the beaches. Turtles are dying with their stomachs full of plastic. Thanks to YouTube and social media, these terrible images reach millions of people and compel them to think about their choices and the consequences they create.

Yagil Qan, through the soul and sacrifice of these beings, shows us that the time has really come to change out habits, if we still want life to exist.

Divine magic is with us and it manifests itself. It speaks to each one of us, sometimes resonating within, sometimes manifesting itself in dreams, and sometimes inspiring other living beings to speak with us. The spiritual ecosystem that includes beings with souls is vast, and it dialogues with itself in the same way that, in the natural ecosystems, the actions of smaller beings modify the whole environment and condition the actions of the larger ones.

Yagil Qan, a divine force who has ancient roots, still inspires us today with words and voices that are truly hers.
Whatever our age, there is a child who lives within each one, full of emotions and sensitivity. With that part of ourselves, let us listen and grasp Yagil Qan’s message.

Stambecco Pesco