During the last months, the indigenous Sioux Tribe in North Dakota has been fighting against the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline – a pipeline that will bring oil under the river that supplies clean water to the tribe. If there were to be an oil spill, the tribe would loose their water source.

This event shines light on many things that need to be changed in the world. The main arguments are:

1) Every human being has the right to access clean water.

2) We must stop the marginalization and discrimination against indigenous peoples.

3) The Earth is sacred and cannot be exploited any longer. Let us reverse the negative impact we have made as humans.

In Damanhur we have been following the events and the evolution at Standing Rock, and since we share the fundamental beliefs behind this movement, we decided to say something.

In Damanhur we believe that the planet is a living being, and we can not only enter into contact with her, we also need to re-establish a harmonious, balanced relationship.

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and many other indigenous tribes around the world are role models in their way of caring for and respecting nature where they live. Today, many peoples are forced to fight for the rights to the lands where they have lived for thousands of years.

“We’ve been here for thousands of years, we’ve always been citizens of these lands. But, whenever there’s a resource that needs to be exploited, our land is just kept getting taken.”

In Damanhur we believe that one of the most valuable aspects of humanity is diversity, because diversity is richness. In a time when so many animal and plant species, as well as (mainly indigenous) human cultures are disappearing, it is of great importance to support the living cultures of the Earth and to protect nature, which grants this planet so much richness.

As Damanhurians we see ourselves as a Popolo (People), similar to the indigenous peoples of the world. Of course, we are a very young Popolo in comparison. However, we believe that by demonstrating that it is possible to create a new Popolo, a new culture based on spiritual values about humankind and nature, we can take part in reversing the direction of a future of destruction for human beings and the planet.

The indigenous peoples are role models, and the oppression of these peoples needs to stop. Our human evolution is inextricably linked to the alliance and union between natural forces, peoples and cultures.

The video at the top of the page is a contribution from the damanhurian choir to the Sioux Tribe and all the other native people fighting for their rights. This damanhurian song in our Sacred language is dedicated to the greatness of nature. In the end of the article there’s a video made by Mni Wiconi that describes the situation at Standing Rock in more detail.

We Stand with you!