What does it truly mean to be healthy? Over the past decade this topic has gained a lot of attention since disease is flourishing in the western world, despite the richness of choice and comfortable lives we live. Back in the days, disease was thought of as something that was out of our control, but many are now becoming aware of that in a large way we have the power over our own health.

What does the newest science tell us about disease?

We now know with certainty that key factors in the potential development of disease are connected to our diet, lifestyle and environmental factors. However, new scientific research are now also verifying that which ancient and indigenous cultures have been proposing: that the ability of our thoughts, emotions and intentions has an effect on the material, physical world. Many scientists, especially in the field of quantum physics, are now giving a lot of attention to studies that investigate factors connected to consciousness and its relation to the physical world. Human intention is one of factors that has been studied the most, and scientifically we know it as the placebo – nocebo effect.

The outdated mainstream medicine

However, despite of these new scientific discoveries, the mainstream medicine is unfortunately outdated and puts too much emphasis of treating symptoms instead of preventing disease. Even if disease is influenced by many factors outside of ourselves, in the end good health is a choice that each one of us makes in our every day life.

Adopting a holistic view

In Damanhur, we suggest a holistic view of health and illness. The body is regarded as a temple and an instrument for the soul, which means that physical and spiritual wellness is equally important. Thus, to achieve a condition in which we as human beings can thrive, we need both to care for our body and to strive for personal growth.

If you can’t avoid disease, how can you grow from it?

In the end, the nature of disease is in many cases a result of unconscious, but yet unhealthy, life choices. This is why disease can be an important tool of change and growth, because it pushes us to awaken and become more conscious of how we live our lives. We can see it like a friend that warns us that the path we’re walking is literally going towards a dead end, and so it urges us to change path. When we accept this challenge and decide to change route, we set out for a journey of deep inner transformation, personal growth and self-discovery.