Once upon a time, a merchant ship, during a storm, got stuck right in front of an uninhabited island. The island offers abundant resources, water and a mild climate. The ship’s crew, by using everyone’s diverse abilities, recovering some equipment from the ship and thanks to the resources of the territory, soon succeeded in civilizing the island and establishing a new society.

As soon as they emerged from the emergency, during which the barter system sufficed, the problem of money arose. How to organize the exchange of goods among the islanders, between them and the enterprises to which they would give life, between the whole society and the institutions with which they would administer? Which economic system would they choose?

From this provocation comes the reflection on the value of money, on its positive energy, when it is conveyed through a virtuous system.

For many years in Damanhur, a complementary currency system has existed, the Credit, which represents in fact, one of the longest experiences present today in Italy. The Conacreis, an association that brings together many ethical-spiritual communities, including Damanhur, has among its aims the promotion of an economic system that allows money to be an element of solidarity, of common wealth, rather than of speculation.

Recently, Damanhur hosted an event organized by Conacreis and by the association Moneta Positiva (Positive Money), in which Fabio Conditi, an expert on the problem, provided a very original and innovative vision of the topic which affects not only Italy but the entire area which uses Euro and, consequently, the whole international scene.

A good system is possible

90% of the planet’s economic wealth is held by 1% of the world’s population, this is no secret to anyone. This condition explains the enormous difficulty of the system to modify itself, even in the rare cases in which some political force tries to make a difference. What almost nobody knows however, is that the Euro, the most widespread currency in the old continent and one of the most solid on the planet, is not really a single currency but the union of many national currencies.

This means that the states that are part of it still have the opportunity to mint coins (Germany for example) and to introduce other forms of currency, such as state tickets, e-money and fiscal instruments. In practice, states could still incentivize their economies, producing money and using it to finance public work, without creating inflation and, above all, without delegating to private banks the privilege of creating money.

Why does this not happen? Why the states are not minting coins? Well… there are so many interests at stake that it is easy to imagine.

On one hand the system is not completely wrong, conceived only on the basis of the great international economic powers, on the other hand so many economic indicators that terrorize all States, from the GDP to the indebtedness of the State, are actually to be reconsidered.

The right sense of money

In Damanhur the money is not necessarily considered a negative energy. It is one of the fundamental tools through which peoples over millennia, have always exchanged, met and engaged in common projects. What is wrong is the value attributed to it, transforming it into a vehicle of exploitation, division, and dishonesty.

Making the world more equitable, the dream of every spiritual researcher, has to take into account more than just the economic system, it has to strive for collective wealth rather than the enrichment of only a few.

Moneta Positiva has recently brought its message to politics, with a round table in one of the halls of the Italian Parliament. Orango Riso, a Sage of Damanhur (the Sages are the guarantees of Damanhurian spiritual values), brought there his reflections on such an important topic, with an intervention that occupied the final half-hour of the meeting. 
If each of us, in our country, gives a voice to these ideas, the spiritual transformation of the world can also pass through economy.

In your opinion, is it possible to introduce positive money?