Among the various consequences of the spread of Covid19, which now seems a planetary star engaged in its World Tour, there is that of the limitation in movement and physical contact. This, beyond the consequences it has on the economy, and therefore, by domino effect, on a lot of other things, requires us to reconsider many aspects of our lives.

In this type of emergency, the fact that we are convinced that virologist doctors have the whole truth, or on the contrary, believe that it is only a great collective mistake, has very little importance. The governments of States and supranational organizations are imposing measures that concern everyone, forcing us to change habits, and in certain cases, ways of thinking.

This is also true in Damanhur. In our communities, there is a very attentive health service to recommend the best practices for citizens. At the same time, the attitude to live sociality in an intense and respectful way, makes common sense. Solidarity and humor have the upper hand on the fear and alarm that the media induce in people and the risk of amplifying them over time.
Of course, in a community-based reality we got used to having a rich life filled with meeting with friends, guests, visitors, and researchers who came to Damanhur to live a humanly and spiritually enriching experience, the framework induced by Covid19 led to many reflections, of a spiritual order and above all a practical one.

New roads…

Will this planetary emergency be the first in a long series, or on the contrary, teach everyone how to prevent the repetition of similar events? We cannot know for sure, also because we do not know if there are interests hidden behind the health crisis. Certainly however, we can learn from all of this and draw virtuous consequences, as always happens in times of difficulty.

We love community life and we believe that one of the secrets of personal growth and the approach to happiness is precisely the sharing of space and time. Mixing our characteristics and habits, learning through comparison, and sometimes even conflict, helps to form antibodies inside each of us that may allow us to heal spiritual diseases. For the same reason, we love to receive guests in our territories and all the people who wish to spend a period of time with us, learning from our past experience. If all of this is being questioned in this period, due to travel restrictions, we are looking for new ways to share Damanhur with the world! It’s time to give an even greater boost to the opportunity to meet and get to know Damanhur… for now without coming to Italy 🙂

…New possibilities

Hence, Damanhur’s experiences around the world are growing more and more, with the possibility of contacting Falco’s teachings through his spiritual children scattered on the five continents where they have the possibility to give life to new community experiences. Here above all, the imminent arrival of new possibilities accessible through the web, allow us to do the same without moving from our homes. After all, using a few less planes can only be good for the Planet!

Falco said ‘Damanhur is like an onion, it is made of many layers’. In the heart there are people who live in communities, in total sharing. In successive layers, there are those who participate, who support, who attend, and those who perhaps follow different paths but who find it precious to nourish themselves in some way from what we represent. But each layer of the onion is the onion itself, and this phase of our history and world history makes it even more evident.
When we live in difficult times, especially if they do not depend directly on us, we need not so much to focus on the crisis, but to be resilient and transform ourselves positively, adapting to the new reality not as a makeshift but as a new normal. This is what we are all called to do, not only to overcome our fears, but to give life to new strength within us and all around us. At this point, the question is…

how are YOU facing this crisis?

and p.s. enjoy this free guided Equinox Meditation with Orango and Gazza.
Let’s beat the lockdown blues and connect to the energy of Spring together! 🙂