The concept of sustainability in Damanhur encompasses many aspects of life, so in addition to investing in renewable energy, green building and organic agriculture, we especially invest in the education of our children.

We teach them to respect life in all its manifestations through the Damanhur School, which hosts children from 0 to 14 years old. We educate ourselves to do the same through the exchange of experiences with other communities and with specialists who can teach us how to improve our environmental impact.

Our houses are immersed in nature. At every nucleo community, there are greenhouses, fruit trees, animals raised in freedom as much as possible. Despite the fact that we do our best, our model and lifestyle can certainly be improved, so if you are seeking perfection, you won’t find it here. 😉

What you can find in Damanhur are many people engaged in realizing the dream of a better world, and so a more sustainable world. We do our best to instill in everyone the awareness that we are profoundly united, connected with every element of life that surrounds us, on material and spiritual planes. This is why we created the Sacred Woods Temple.

All manifestations of life are an expression of the same divine energy contained within each one of us, and we want to reawaken the full potential of this energy. We believe that nature itself is a temple.

So, if you ask us how we think the world could be saved: thanks to all the environmental policy initiatives, or through magic? The answer is surely magic!
Orthodox environmentalists are not offended if they note incongruities with their vision of what an ecovillage should be. Damanhur is primarily a spiritual community (to be precise, a Federation of spiritual communities), and by extension also an ecovillage.

What do you think are the foundations for building a sustainable world over time? Post in the comments below.

We enjoy reading your thoughts and being able to share ideas with you!