What is commonly thought of as the most hardworking and collective animal par excellence? The Damanhuria… um, the bee!

In 1989 Merinos Timo Serpillo moved to Damanhur with his seven bee hives, and ever since then, he has been producing honey for the community as a hobby: natural honeys with acacia, dandelion, millefiori, chestnut and forest (honeydew). His passion for bees is rooted in his childhood, as the honey that his father produced left him with sweet memories.

As a young man, he began to read manuals and take professional courses, and in addition to the technical exploration he worked deeply on himself to find a new centeredness. He continued to research bee diseases and parasites, with the goal of experimenting with natural treatments using biodynamic and homeopathic products.

He has added to his studies the research of Oscar Perone on Perma-apiculture, a revolutionary method based on deep respect for bees, with the aim of helping them regain their natural balance and their intelligent responses, useful to combat what threatens their species.

Assistance for strengthening bees also comes from a subtle and energetic level. Merinos is experimenting with a Spheroself that has a special program for bees. About three years ago, the Oracle also indicated the possibility of exploring telepathic contact with bees, so he… is very busy!

Another part of his research, which he hopes will be helpful to save his bee friends, is in the application of sacred geometry and alchemy, a research that is in progress and will involve other people.

Do the Damanhurian lands where the bees find flowers in bloom give particular value to Merinos’s honey? We believe so, and we would also like to know your opinion.

If you are a honey lover, come for a visit and have a taste! Merinos has collaborated with Austrian and German beekeepers, and he is open to exchanges with people who are as passionate as he is about bees. He believes in synergy and collaboration, as the bees teach!