At Damanhur we have been welcoming representatives of indigenous peoples, the Popoli of the planet to come and share their culture and spiritual traditions with us. We consider the Popoli to be the custodians of our relationship with the planet, and through their presence and knowledge, we may honor the diversity of humankind and find solutions for our future.

Here are just a few of the Popoli and their representatives who have come to visit Damanhur in recent years.

Mayan representative Abuela Nah Kin came to Damanhur in July 2015, sharing a Mayan salutation to the four directions and the four spirits who preside over each of them. To the East, we saluted the power of the sacred fire, which transforms and elevates humanity, bringing us spaces of light and glory where we can all live together in peace. To the West, we saluted the water element, which purifies our being. To the North, we saluted air, sensing the purity of divine breath. To the South, we saluted the earth, which gives us the power to manifest spirit here. This was the opening of the ceremony during which Nah Kin shared her knowledge and strengthened the web of connection among us and other communities in the world

Hopi representative Marza Millar was present at Damanhur in June 2015, and as she got to know Damanhur and the knowledge that we hold, she acknowledged that we are a real “tribe.” She said, “You have your own system of governance but the most important thing is that you have heart, because without a heart, there is no tribe.” We shared so much with Marza about the future of humanity and how to find a more harmonious balance on the planet.

Other precious indigenous wisdom holders who have been here include: Tuvan shaman Nikolay Oorzhak in March 2011, three of the 13 Grandmothers in September 2011, a young Mexican shaman Fernando Broca who came in August 2012 bringing a message on behalf of the Councel of Elders from the United Shamans from North and South America. Recently, Native American representative William “Star Heart” and his wife Judith came to Damanhur, as well as Tibetan Buddhist sound and voice healer Yuan Miao.


We are grateful for the richness of spirit and the unique spiritual heritage and culture brought by every one of our friends from the Popoli of the world.