Formica Coriandolo

…I would have liked to stop in order to see everything better, but Falco was walking fast and we were struggling to keep up with him. We entered deeper into the mountain until we got to a fully painted round room. My jaw dropped to the ground! Even though it was not enormous, it seemed like an incredible creation to me. At the center of the ceiling, there was a golden sun, and figures and symbols that I did not know stood out on the light blue background of the walls…

It was the first hall excavated by the founders a few years earlier, with only the use of picks. Falco let our astonishment settle in as we were trying to keep it contained. Then he headed toward what looked like an altar in the circular wall. He touched a corner and suddenly the base of the altar opened, offering a glimpse of a descending staircase that lead to another round room, much larger than the previous one.

Again, astonishment saturated all of my senses. I had ended up in a real life version of the Indiana Jones movie, but a much better version!

Everything I was seeing had been created in secret for seven years by the founders and most trusted Damanhurians. The secret was not only kept from the world, but also within Damanhur, because not everyone was aware of this incredible place.

The hall was entirely painted by Falco with 12 hermetic codes that contained the most precious information from his knowledge. At the time, I did not know that years later I would learn to translate some of them! The energy of that place was strong and welcoming at the same time, and I later discovered that it was dedicated to Water and the Feminine Principle.

Wonder and admiration struck us again that day, because Falco let us go down the staircase and we realized that a third hall was under construction, just below the floor of the second hall. Falco looked at me, blinking at the walls, and said, “These places are waiting to be filled with art!”

At that time, we had just begun painting the walls of Damjl, the historical capital of Damanhur, but painting in that place was a completely new challenge! Anyway, I nodded my head and mumbled something that I don’t remember, as I was too excited and confused.

When we went out of the Temples of Humankind, I brought a new vision of life with me, as if I had touched the heart of a great underground being, hidden from the eyes of many, a being who was waiting to come to life in my hands as well.

That vision, that feeling of deep connection with the energy of the earth and with those I have shared the secret with for so many years… it is still with me today.

Formica Coriandolo


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