My name is Barys and I was born and raised in the Damanhurian Nucleo of the Porta del Sole (Gate of the Sun). This communal unit is located on the top of the site where Temples of Humankind were excavated, and this has had a special impact on me for years. What has always impressed me the most is the significance that permeated every step of the construction process. The special meaning that produced the lustrous light in the eyes of my parents and my Damanhurian family, and inspired artists to create masterpieces that tell a new story of Humankind, a new myth projected into the future. Today this beautiful myth continues to invite us to have faith in beauty and the power that lies behind the individual and in the collective willpower and freedom of choice.

My fascination and my relationship with the Temples grew, even more, when I began to accompany visitors through the Halls of the Temples. Every single visit was a unique experience. I studied in depth the many meanings behind art and forms and realized how my words and explanations were a means to help direct communication between the Temples and the visitor. It has always amazed me how most people grasped from the brief visit the message of inspiration that was most relevant and true for that precise moment of their lives.

Over time, having deepened the knowledge of both historical records and more recent facts, I discovered many stories, tales, details that had previously escaped my attention. This has given me an ever more complete sense of the extraordinary nature and complexity of this work of art. Hearing the stories of artists and builders, amusing anecdotes, as well as small insights of the people, received during the work on the Temples is a truly fascinating experience. Temples were born from Dreams, Passion, and Idealism; these are the principles that act invisibly to inspire all those who pass through the halls today, physically or virtually.

Last year I was asked to coordinate the realization of an old project, namely the creation of the Virtual Tour of the Temples. The work on this project marked a new chapter in my relationship with the magic of that structure. The idea of ​​making the Temples even more accessible to the world immediately got me excited! I was thrilled to be able to do it with technological tools that offer the possibility of having experiences that are still different, and complementary to the live visit. I am inspired by the possibility of being able to share the stories of the Temples and their builders without the physical limitations of space and time and keep offering new ones regularly.

For those who have never visited the Temples, the Virtual Tour allows browsing through the fine detail of each room. Get ready to appreciate the journey through this underground work of art at your own pace and rhythm – something the time limits of the physical visit do not allow. For those who have already had the opportunity to visit in person, it is a wonderful opportunity to deepen the knowledge and stay in touch with the power of the space with energy and frequency or meditate at a distance in the different halls.

Whereas the direction of the world is heading towards increasing uncertainty in the future of Humanity and our Planet, with a myriad of looming climatic, political, and social challenges, in the Temples I see a concrete manifestation of the possibility of movement in the opposing direction – that of Evolution, Growth, and Harmony. This is one of their many purposes, perhaps one of the most important: to be a proof-of-concept of the intrinsic power that we all possess and to be a source of inspiration to all. The existence of the Temples by itself is an invitation to engage in any of many different ways to be part of the transformative process that the world needs to undergo.

The Virtual Temples project aims to create a new tool to bring a positive and useful element to anyone who feels the call, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Just like the visits, events, and live meditations, your purchase of the Virtual Tour Pass is an important contribution both to their protection and continued development, so the Faith they symbolize never fades away.

And for this, I invite you to immerse yourself in the Virtual Tour.

Barys Elleboro