I open a small door… and here I am in the Hall of Water

In this hall, time is memory. The Hall of Water holds the record and reorganization of ancient knowledge, which Falco himself transcribed on the walls by painting symbols and formulas in twelve different ancient languages. My gaze gets lost in this maze of words that I do not understand, but that fascinate me in some way. If words are the origin of worlds, here it really feels there is the presence of a thousand creations, as if every written language triggers the initiation of a new life, which becomes a path of knowledge for those who have eyes to see.

Again, the theme of writing

In this network of perfect markings, high above, four golden snakes seem to guard the space where planets of the galaxy float… planets that were once inhabited and ones where life may be born in the future. These snakes define the four directions where four Synchronic Lines come from and meet, and this crossing point is defined as a “shining node.” Damanhur is located in the midst of this shining node, not by chance.

Among all the symbols, I recognize the names of some divinities here and there, following a pattern that is certainly not casual, as if each divine force has its own territory.
The Hall of Water is dedicated to the feminine, intended as an alchemical container, a cradle and crucible of emotions and experiences, amniotic liquid that gathers and conserves the memories of humanity. The “liquid” sound of cylindrical bells accompanies my meditation, to remind me that we are Water – not Earth – and we will return to Water one day.

A sky blue color prevails in this circular space that cradles me with sweetness, in an embrace that originates from the immensity of a time that goes beyond us and includes us, where civilizations that are part of the history of humanity have and will be developed, and our history, described on the walls of the Labyrinth, is not the only possible history. I feel as if I have been gently placed in a kind of containing chalice, a uterus where I can let myself go and enjoy the softness of the light that comes from above, from the dome made up of about 6,000 leaded glass pieces that recall the sea. In the center of the dome, a flower with eight petals expands, one that holds the yellow flag of Damanhur. The memory of a sea is also represented by the mosaic at the center of the floor, where six dolphins swim in a six-pointed star.

Directly in front of the entryway, a small stairway leads up to an altar with a blue sphere on it, in exact correspondence with the large sphere of the Blue Temple, which is located beyond this hall. There is a connection between these two spaces, which are both related to the theme of origins in different ways. The Hall of Water is where new research groups and projects are born. It is a space where intuitions are deposited, ones that open to new potential realities as they become more solid in the world of Form.

Birth as creation

To the left of the entryway, the main altar of the hall is located in a small niche excavated into the rock, and another sphere rests on this altar. The rock is visible, and it is dark and hard in contrast with the delicacy of water, as earth and water are elements that complete each other in the unity of life.

I lie down in the center of the hall and close my eyes.
My playful imagination transforms the flow of symbols, which I interpreted as writings and languages from worlds that are faraway in time and space, into paths for getting to these worlds. It is as if the walls could actually transform themselves into a planetary map with launch pads and take-off lanes, a map that would make it possible to travel in space-time without a spaceship, which is way too expensive and slow.
I open my eyes and observe the two spheres again, and they seem like little worlds to me. They are bright and opaque at the same time, pulsing with life. I risk losing myself in their alternation of absorption and reflection.

Unicorno Arachide

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