The Temples of Humankind are a journey into the magic of making your dreams a reality. They are a mark in time, leaving a trace well beyond our imagination. Excavating the Temples meant digging within ourselves, finding new spaces and new access to our full potential.

Those who visit the Temples, or encounter them by chance through a photo or video, discover that it is possible to believe in impossible dreams.

Last week a group of young bloggers came to visit, and they have presented the Temples in their videos in a completely new way.

Listening to the description of their experience has been very touching. Seeing hope in their eyes, the hope that together we can make “impossible” dreams come true… this has helped us to feel that it is all worthwhile having created and continuing to create the Temples.

Thank you Louis and Josh for this video! We hope to see you again soon!

What emotions do these images elicit in you? Knowing that at first, none of us would have believed that we were capable of making such a creation? Tell us what you think, because it is in sharing emotions that we become alive. And we want to be alive!