Kristen Sarah is a young vlogger who is full of life and has an irresistible smile. 
Together with her colleagues Louis, Nadine, Josh and Siya, she came to Damanhur to make videos of her experience and publish them on her YouTube channel , and on her travel and lifestyle website Hopscotch the Globe. 

Kristen didn’t have a precise idea about what she would find here in Damanhur, although what she wrote after her trip is really touching:
“While there is so much about this place that I’d love to dive into, it would take a lifetime to learn and understand it all. However, one thing that this place radiates more than anything is acceptance and respect for all. That’s the number one message that I’ll take with me from this place.”
Thank you Kristen, and we send you our best wishes from the heart for your dream of creating a community of friends together with Siya!
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