The Temples of Humankind are an example of sacred and secular art coming together to resonate values that are important to the whole of humanity, and thousands of visitors every year come in visit. What is less known is that the Temples are not a museum, but a living being, an instrument that give rise to collaboration with people from all over the world that share our ideals of the evolution of humankind.

These collaborations take form in artistic performances in the Temples that give opportunity to amplify, add complexity and significance to our work as artist, musicians, researchers and healers. An example of such a collaboration is the recent visit of Suntara, an Australian sound healer, that came to Damanhur to share his gifts with us, channeling his sound for a concert at Damanhur.

This is what Suntara shared about his experience:

“It was a real honor and privilege to be able to chant in the “Temples of Humankind” at Damanhur.
The energy in there was amazing and the acoustics were like being in an Ancient Cathedral.
I especially loved the Hall of Metals where I felt like I was singing to myself and humanity at each age. It was like a Sound Journey through life and I really felt it.
Over all it was an amazing sacred experience to be singing in the Temples. Something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

Thank you Suntara for the magical experience of the healing sound in the Temples of Humankind!

Please do enjoy this video with Suntara’s musical performance in the Hall of Victory and the Hall of Metals.


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