In the Hall of Mirrors, every gesture is multiplied and reflected at least 33 times. In this magical setting, our Japanese artist friends brought their songs, dances, the ancient art of calligraphy and pop painting, all fused together with the harmonies of Damanhurian songs from the polyphonic group Magjical.

Damanhurian Art is Art of the Popolo (People) shared and enriched by everyone’s contributions. The magic of this event was the naturalness with which these two cultures merged, two seemingly distant peoples who were brought close together, thanks to the opening of all those who participated.

The message of the Temples is a message of union of the peoples, so that through art, all human beings can feel like part of a single, great collective soul. Events like this reinforce this dream and nourish the future so that we can make it better. Thanks to all those who contributed, and thanks to you too who are reading and sharing these emotions with us!